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It is possible to order copies of the annual UKCAMS reports. The 2023 report provides data on the calendar year 2022.

Brief details of these are given below.





UKCAMS Conference and Meeting Survey 2023 (covering data from 2022 calendar year)

Includes an executive summary, introduction, volume and value of the conference and meetings market plus its dimensions and characteristics, international business, expectations and trends and methodology

38 pages

£195 + VAT

UKCAMS Conference and Meeting Survey 2022 (covering data from 2021 calendar year)

Similar content to 2023 report

36 pages

£120 + VAT

Previous years reports (2021 or earlier) can also be ordered

£80 + VAT

To view a summary of the key findings of the latest research, please visit the ‘News about UKCAMS’ section of this website.

To order a copy of one or more of the reports, please click here.